Shipping surcharge

Shipping surcharge

Because of the remote locations of some of our customers we occasionally need to apply a shipping surcharge and we will not know the exact cost until we have your full order and have checked with our couriers. In those cases we will contact you to let you know what the surcharge is and offer you the option of either:

  • cancelling your order for a full refund of monies already paid; or
  • purchasing shipping surcharge vouchers.

There are several values of shipping vouchers and you should purchase the exact number to achieve the surcharge price. For example if the surcharge is for £2.60 then you should buy:

  • 2 x £1 voucher
  • 1 x 50p voucher
  • 1 x 10p voucher

There are no delivery charges applied to shipping vouchers.

In these cases we will not dispatch the goods until we have received this additional payment.

Please note that if shipping is to a destination within the EU we are required to charge VAT on the shipping voucher face value

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